How Does This Work?

the 1st ever complete coverage auto repair plan

Serving all of Long Island, NY.

For $99.99 a month, your car will be completely covered for all repairs it may need throughout the year! Simply, Sign-Up for a Pre-Plan Inspection. Once your vehicle passes our inspection we’ll enroll you in a 1 year contract; get your first oil change- and you’re covered! Yes, it’s that simple. No Gimmicks. No Fine Print. No Deductible.

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Keep your car in perfect running condition

It starts with a Pre-Program Inspection; We’ll inspect your car top to bottom, inside & out – to make sure it’s in good running condition.
Once your car passes our Pre-Plan Inspection you’ll be covered for anything that goes wrong with your car! You will be required to sign a 1 year contract and make your first payment of $99.99 +tax.

If your vehicle needs any minor repairs they will be taken care of at this time. We will also perform an oil change which will be required every 3,000 miles. Your car will be re-inspected after every required oil change, with any repairs preformed to keep it in perfect running condition!

After the signing of your contract and receipt of your first payment, you will be covered with 24 hour towing and daytime roadside assistance!

The Many benefits of our program

Never worry about huge repair bills again! Never worry about whether your car is ready for your next trip. Let us do the worrying for you!

Every time your car comes in for an oil change, it will be completely re-inspected. We will check over the entire vehicle and repair or replace anything we find out-of-order! The goal is to find and repair any minor problems before they become major problems. With proper upkeep of the vehicle major issues can be avoided!

The most important maintenance you can do is changing your oil! Oil is the blood of your car without good blood your car will die- it will wear out prematurely and cause all types of damage. That’s why we’re going to change it every 3,000 miles to ensure your car has a good, long healthy life. We will also perform any of the factory scheduled maintenance including cabin filters.

Our goal is to keep you happy and worry free by making sure your car is in tip-top shape! When you join our plan your joining our family! Collectively, we’ve been in the vehicle repair business for over 40 years with an impeccable record.

Once you’re a member of our plan you will get a plan member contact number to call if you have any problems with your vehicle in between oil changes that you will get a live person to assist you with any problems you might have.

We are here to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle! This plan is not a warrantee- It is a guarantee that we will keep your car in the best possible running condition.

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Our goal is to keep your car in perfect running condition.
Not only will you save money, but if we keep your car spot on at all times…we save money too!
This keeps you happy, us honest, and your car healthy!